Happy New Year 2021

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January 13, 2021

Happy New Year from TRG!  Much has been said already about 2020 so we will not dwell on the past but rather look optimistically to the future.  In 2001, we began our journey as an event production business in our previous organization which in 2013 became TRG Meeting Partners.  We have seen many changes, advancements, and innovations in event production over the last 20 years and are excited to see where the industry is going.  TRG will continue to innovate and drive advancement as a company as we move into the future.

2020 gave us the opportunity to continue to develop our streaming and virtual meeting offerings.  We see virtual events and streaming of live events as an ongoing need in the event industry and will continue to develop and enhance TRG’s offerings to best meet our client’s needs.

With COVID-19 vaccines now being distributed, we have even more reason to look forward to the second half of 2021 and the opportunity to meet in person once again.  The TRG team is ready with new gear and new health and safety protocols. We are excited to see all of you again very soon!

As you plan for 2021 and beyond, TRG is here for you with virtual, live, or hybrid events.  Be the hero of your next corporate event.