TRG is Your Video Partner Too

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November 17, 2020

You know TRG as your meeting partner, but did you know we also specialize in video productions?

We can help you with:

Our video production capabilities are just as important in the new virtual space.

TRG can film your presenters in their home office space.  We have a system that will connect the presenter to our production team via an internet connection.  We also have several types of kits we can ship in advance to help make the virtual recording a success - from a simple microphone set-up to a kit that includes a green screen, lights, and a camera.

Having the presentation recorded in advance for a virtual event takes the pressure off the presenter to do their session live.  Remote filming allows them to do several takes to get the best one and alleviates the worry about their internet connection during the live event.  Although the slide deck is housed on the TRG system, the presenters advance their own slides using a remote clicker on their phone.  The version we use is called “The Pickle” which is the slang term for the clicker at a live event.

If your presenter needs to remember a large amount of copy, we provide TelePrompting for scripted reads.   The script is loaded into our system and then sent to the presenter so that is all they see on their computer screen.  The script is advanced by the prompter operator at the speaker’s pace for a smooth read.

TRG also has exciting virtual sets for your videos.  It takes what you see on Zoom to an entirely new level!  We film on location using a simple green screen set up and then the set is added in the post-production editing process.

All TRG’s virtual events are recorded in their entirety.  This includes pre-recorded presentations, live presentations, and Q&A from the remote audience.  These files are provided to you after the event.

Let us know how TRG can partner with you to produce your next video.  Be the hero of your event or video production!