Getting the Most Value From Your Virtual Event

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January 13, 2021

As we have all learned over the last few months, virtual events come in a variety of styles.  From casual Zoom gatherings, to full green screen sets with pre-recorded video presentations and much in-between.  It can be daunting to navigate the options and understand what the best options are for your team.

As noted by MPI in a recently published article, every event, virtual or live, must be grounded in strategy.  What are the goals of the event, who are the key stakeholders, what are the main take-aways for the attendees?  Answers to these questions will drive the plan for the event.

TRG is here to help navigate the options and select the optimal solution based on the goals of the event.  For an event to recruit new teammates, investors, or clients – a sleek pre-recorded presentation with a full virtual set and a custom web interface may the best solution.  A company-wide leadership meeting calls for greater interactivity with live presentations, Q&A and options for audience polling.

One of the key reasons why we gather is to connect.  At live events team building activities, community service projects, fun game nights and award recognition ceremonies allow attendees to build their team connections and grow the culture of the organization.  There are also opportunities with virtual events to network and engage.  There are many tools and applications available through TRG to incorporate similar activities into your virtual event agenda.

One thing we have all learned over the last few months is that “Zoom Fatigue” is real!  In a live event, attendees can easily manage a half day General Session followed by an afternoon of breakouts and a full evening including cocktail reception, dinner, awards, and networking.  Virtual event scheduling is a very different creature.  Shorter sessions scheduled over more days is better for attendees and presenters.  Our experience with a variety of virtual events has given us insight into how you can get the most out of your event.

From Zoom to Vimeo to Microsoft Teams, there are several platforms available for your virtual events.  Each platform has a different way of managing a meeting and tiers of features offered in their plans.  We can help with the ins and outs of each platform, the appropriate plan level for your event needs and how to get the most out of all the features.  For additional event security or a unique gateway to your sessions and content, a custom-built web portal may be another option for your event.

Part of an event strategy is the budget and resources for the event, and the outcome expected for the budget.  Sometimes the most expensive options, while they look great, are not necessary to achieve the desired results.  As your partner, TRG is a steward of your resources, and we believe in managing those resources carefully.  It can be a challenge to determine the right amount to spend on a virtual event as it is so different from a live event.  As we work with you to create your event strategy, we will recommend options that achieve your desired results, without breaking the bank or taxing your resources.