Safe Meeting Protocols

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February 14, 2021

We, like so many of you, look forward to a return to in-person events.  We understand the responsibility we have to create a safe environment for attendees as well as our crew.  The Pandemic On-site Protocol Certification course presented by the Event Leadership Institute provided a wealth of information upon which the protocols for TRG were developed.  Our protocols cover crew health and safety as well as attendee seating arrangements and traffic flow within meeting areas.


As vaccinations increase, we will eventually be able to return to the full ballrooms and networking events of the past, but for now the best way to keep attendees safe is to spread out and control traffic flows.  The diagrams created by TRG for each meeting space will take current CDC guidelines into account, providing healthy spacing for every attendee.

Attendee traffic flow is equally important, as such, diagrams will be created to help move traffic unidirectionally to avoid face to face encounters.


The health and safety of our crew directly affects the health and safety of our clients and all attendees.  TRG has developed a stringent set of requirements for every crew member on-site.  All crew members must sign an agreement to adhere to all requirements prior to arrival on site.

Crew members will be monitored daily for temperature and symptom tracking. Masks, hand sanitizer as well as sanitizing wipes, and spray for equipment and workspaces are provided by TRG to each crew member and will be monitored daily for proper usage.

TRG crew members are typically spaced at least six feet apart on most programs and will continue to ensure proper spacing.

Logs of crew temperatures and symptoms will always be available for review.


Microphones and handheld slide advancers used by presenters will be managed a bit differently.  Slide advancer remotes will no longer be passed from one presenter to another, but a new remote will be provided to each presenter to allow for sanitizing between use.

We will primarily rely on lavalier microphones rather than handheld microphones as much as possible.  Microphones will be placed on and removed from presenters by the onsite audio assistant.  Each microphone element will be placed in a sanitizing solution immediately after each use.

As health and safety guidelines are updated to reflect current conditions, TRG will update our guidelines as well.  We will always take the utmost care to ensure the health and safety of all event participants from crew, to presenters, support staff and all attendees.  We are happy to discuss and share our protocols at anytime and welcome any specific additions or changes that may be needed for a specific event.