Reimagining Meetings

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April 21, 2021

In 2020, virtual meetings were born from necessity.  We still needed to find a way to connect without traveling and while maintaining health and safety standards.  What became clear as time went on is that the power of connecting in-person is strong and irreplaceable.  As we begin to turn the corner on this historic pandemic, we have an opportunity to re-imagine everything we know about how we meet and why we meet.

Again and again, we have seen that when asked what they missed most over this last year, most people have said human connection.  So many of the meetings we have produced over the last twenty years have been as much about shared experiences, celebration and creating a culture as they are about distributing information.  We can continue to focus on those objectives but with different meeting options.

Hybrid meetings can provide the best of both worlds by allowing small groups of in-person gatherings to be connected to other small groups in varying locations around the country or even around the world. 

TRG is working with clients to create a live stage setting for primary event presenters, such as the executive team and keynote speakers.  In this environment, we can create a unique set to capture the theme of the event and a provide a visually high-end experience.  Presentations from this location hub can be broadcast to multiple satellite meeting locations. 

Each satellite location can view and interact with the presenters through Q&A sessions, by honoring team and individual achievements and even provide unique presentations from each satellite location to share with the larger team.  Each location is then also able to have small group discussions, breakout sessions, team building activities and more. 

Hybrid meetings can be an ongoing meeting solution now and for the foreseeable future, as companies look at executive travel schedules, alternative ways to reach teammates around the world and other flexible options for bringing teams together.

Be the hero of your next corporate hybrid event with TRG by your side as your production partner.