Revelstoke Capital Partners

Revelstoke Capital Partners knew that their annual investor meeting would need to be virtual this year so they contacted TRG Meeting Partners to create a plan to bring their vision to life! Their event included pre-recorded presentations from their portfolio companies across the country as well as updates from executives and teams at their Denver headquarters.

TRG put together filming kits which included a microphone, camera, tripod, lights, and a green screen which were shipped to fourteen CEOs based all over the country for remote filming sessions. We also produced two days of on-site filming from the company’s headquarters for a total of seventy unique videos! Green screens for the remote and onsite filming allowed TRG to create custom, uniform backgrounds to reinforce company branding and create a professional consistent look for each video.

On the day of the event, attendees logged into a custom website created by TRG to view the presentations. The event videos will be hosted on the website for the next thirty days for those that were not able to attend the live stream. The meeting was a great success and appreciated by the attendees.

“Best production quality I’ve seen in these virtual meetings”

TRG is a small business with over 18 years of successful event production. Our small team of professionals has produced over 700 events: live, virtual, and live streaming to remote attendees.

“Very good, have seen several virtual formats and this is one of the best”

Whether you are planning a virtual event for now or planning a return to live or hybrid events, TRG Meeting Partners has the experience, technical knowledge, and personal touch to help make your event a success!