Landmark Health Virtual

As the calendar turned to the third quarter of 2020, Landmark Health focused their attention on future company goals. The executives knew that a planning meeting was needed in order to communicate their initiatives and set goals but that meeting in person would not be an option. Landmark Health approached TRG as their trusted production partner to help create their first Virtual Summer Planning Meeting.

The Summer Planning Meeting was a two-day event featuring both live and pre-recorded presentations from company executives on the current state of the company. Several sessions included live questions and answers from the virtual attendees as well as engaging breakout sessions designed for small group discussions.

To prepare for the meeting, TRG worked with Landmark Health to remotely record presentations from several executives. Presentations were edited and loaded into vMix, the Virtual Meeting platform used by TRG. The sessions took place via Landmark’s Enterprise Zoom platform.

TRG created a design that included a background in the company colors, a large area to be used for graphic presentations with a smaller area for viewing the presenter. As the session moved to a more interactive section including attendee Q&A, the screen image shifted to a full screen of either the presenter or the individual asking a question. Q&A was moderated using a “Raise Hand” feature in Zoom.

TRG added to the overall event atmosphere with theme graphics and timers displayed during breaks with music playing in the background.

While meeting in person was not an option for this planning meeting, the virtual event provided a great alternative for colleagues to gather, receive updates from the executive team and collaborate on future plans.