Meritage Meeting

The 2019 Meritage Meeting faced an interesting challenge – the company was in a state of transition due to an acquisition and had no branding at the time of the event. Even though the company was in flux, it was a time when teammates needed to come together and focus on a clear future. TRG worked with the group to help use lighting, scenic, music and décor to create the right setting and deliver the message of: Clarity, Unity and Focus.

Teammates began gathering at the Gaylord Rockies in Aurora, CO on a Sunday afternoon. To help everyone experience the beautiful setting and begin to connect with each other, a welcome reception was held in the indoor/outdoor space in the Pre-Function and Balcony of the Colorado Ballroom. The opening reception had a rustic yet elegant Colorado design, enhanced with 400’ of market lights which were strung from truss towers. Amber hued uplights were used to create a warm inviting feel to the space. The look was continued onto the balcony where the amber uplights highlighted the rustic stone columns and market lights wrapped around the railings.

The meeting kicked off the next morning with the General Session. Attendees were able to experience the theme of Clarity, Unity and Focus right away with the message highlighted on the scenic backdrop. The message carried throughout the space with the use of gobos to highlight the theme around the room with a backdrop of texture and color. Since there was no company logo, the client opted for décor and scenic in black and white. Our lighting team created various color schemes that changed throughout the day.

Attendees heard messages from key presenters throughout the day in the General Session room including executives and a healthcare futurist.

Following a late afternoon break, attendees gathered in the evening to celebrate together and recognize teammates at their award ceremony. Since the celebration would take place in the same space where attendees spent their day, it was important to create a different experience for the attendees.

Lighting was used to transform the space while continuing to re-enforce the messages from the meeting. To highlight the Rocky Mountain location, the rustic, elegant theme continued from the opening reception. Leaf gobos were used in various colors to create the feeling that you were walking into a forest. Round tables were replaced with wooden communal tables set for family style dining. The tables were decorated with micro lights, antlers, candles and plants local to the Rocky Mountains. The overall look was stunning and memorable.

The next day attendees dove deeper into specific topics during breakout sessions. From IT demonstrations to small teamwork that allowed for more interaction, the breakout sessions were informative and engaging.

The program concluded in the General Session room where attendees were able to experience the magic of the event again through a re-cap video, filmed and edited by TRG onsite. The Meritage Meeting brought teammates together with a shared experience. The theme of Clarity, Unity and Focus will live on with the attendees long after the event ended.