IntegraMed Fertility

IntegraMed® Fertility is a division of IntegraMed America. IntegraMed Fertility supports its provider networks with a range of services that can include clinical and business information systems, marketing and sales, facilities and operations management, finance and accounting, human resources, legal, risk management, quality assurance, and fertility treatment financing programs.

Hold a nationwide conference to unite employees, select the company’s shared core values and instill a unified vision for the company.

The One Vision, One Mission Event.

The Attain® IVF Programs are offered exclusively at practices that are members of IntegraMed Fertility’s Attain Fertility Network. The network is comprised of 39 centers at 153 locations across 32 states and the District of Columbia.

IntegraMed Fertility is a fast growing company with employees spread across the US. In 2013 IntegraMed added many new employees through acquisitions and organic growth. It was time to bring their leadership together for a national meeting to instill a unified vision and choose their shared core values. And it was time for IntegraMed to partner with TRG for production of this event!

Through custom room diagrams, TRG was able to show how the rooms selected would work for the One Vision, One Mission event. The General Session was a mix of standard presentations, exercises for the teams to complete at their tables and the process to select the company’s core values which involved all attendees working at poster paper on the walls around the perimeter of the room.

Team building was an important aspect of the meeting for IntegraMed as a way to help bring teammates together. To make the team building project more meaningful, IntegraMed chose to work on a community service project. Teammates worked together to build bicycles for children. The teammates were thrilled and surprised after working as teams to build the bikes when the children that would receive them entered the room. It was a great way for IntegraMed to give back to the local community.

The One Vision, One Mission event concluded with an evening of recognition. Awards were given to those who had achieved and exceeded goals with their teams. TRG worked with IntegraMed to make the evening special with appropriate stage sets, music and lighting. TRG also produced a candids video of all the sessions and activities that had taken place during the meeting. The highlight of the video was being able to see unveiling of the new IntegraMed shared Core Values again!

The One Vision, One Mission event was a great success for IntegraMed!

“Wow – you guys did an AWESOME job the last couple of days! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! The results have exceeded my expectations by a significant margin, and I can’t say enough how much I appreciate all you put into making this a special event!” – Bill Hughson, CEO IntegraMed Fertility