As an association, ASDIN has limited resources, particularly when it comes to planning their Annual Scientific Meeting.

Find a meeting production company to become long term partner for their Annual Scientific Meeting.

Meeting Partners.

In 2013 ASDIN was preparing for their 10th Annual Scientific Meeting in Phoenix, AZ. With 9 previous events under their belt, the planners at ASDIN knew what they needed to do with the event, but began to realize how much more work was involved when they had to start from scratch every year with a new production team.

ASDIN decided it would be more efficient for them to find a partner who knew and understood their Association and the Annual Scientific Meeting. ASDIN contacted TRG to help plan and produce the 2014 10th Annual Scientific Meeting.

TRG Meeting Partners met with the planners at ASDIN to get a full scope of their association, the objectives for their annual event and the needs of the attendees. The process of understanding the needs, helps TRG determine the best solutions for the event.

The 10th Annual Scientific Meeting included a general session with many presenters, breakout sessions, an exhibit hall, interactive video in main foyer, video and music for meal rooms and a live video feed of a surgical procedure taking place off-site.

TRG developed a relationship with the team at ASDIN to understand their unique needs for their meeting. TRG Meeting Partners has helped ASDIN identify the best location for their 2015 11th Annual Scientific Meeting, based on the requirements of the 2014 event and a full understanding of the ASDIN, their members, the meeting requirements and the needs of the attendees.

By forming a relationship with TRG Meeting Partners, the team at ASDIN can save time by not having to start from scratch each year.