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November 17, 2020

2020 has been a challenging year thus far and being grateful has been difficult.  However, happiness stems from gratitude, and this time of year we reflect on those special things for which we are grateful and we are certainly grateful.

We are first and foremost, grateful for our team, that is more family than mere co-workers.  At a time when many small businesses are facing tough decisions and closing their doors, TRG has remained intact with our full team and we are most grateful for this.  Our team has collectively made tough decisions and sacrifices, knowing that a bright future is around the corner.

We are grateful for the resources available to assist small businesses this year.

We are grateful for the health and well being of our teammates and families.  Our team is healthy and safe, working hard in our homes and maintaining safe conditions. 

We are grateful for our clients, our partners.  Virtual events have started filling our calendar and 2021 is beginning to fill with a mix of virtual and live events.  We are grateful for your support and confidence in us.  We have always taken the word Partners to heart and believe that our role is to be your partner in creating incredible experiences for each attendee at every event, virtual, live, or hybrid.

We are excited about the future; we look forward to meeting again.  We understand the value of gathering, to share values, honor achievements, and build relationships.  We are looking forward to seeing all our partners in person again.