Radiology Partners - Physician Leadership Summit Month

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April 13, 2021

Zoom fatigue.  It’s a real thing.  But when corporations must relay information, answer questions from their attendees and celebrate accomplishments, there is a lot of time that needs to be allocated to the virtual attendee sitting in front of their computer. 

TRG partnered with our client, Radiology Partners, to replace their in-person leadership meeting with a month of virtual content.  The time for each session was less than two hours and included pre-recorded presentations and live Q&A with their leaders during the initial first session.  Radiology Partners also posted the full video with the pre-recorded sessions and Q&A on their internal site and scheduled two additional playbacks later in the week on two different days at different times to allow the physicians to watch the session at the day/time that worked best for them.

The first week was the State of the Practice by RP’s CEO, Rich Whitney.  The following two weeks focused on Clinical and Information Technology/Artificial Intelligence. 

The final week was a special ceremony to recognize the 60+ physicians that were elevated to partners in the practice.  The awards ceremony started with a moment of silence for those they have lost from the practice over the past year.   The region leads introduced the physicians in their area that were elevated.  The new partners submitted a short 15-second audio clip talking about what Radiology Partner’s core values meant to them to play while their picture was shown.  This was the first time that RP included the new partner’s sentiments in the ceremony, and it was a special moment for everyone to hear these heartfelt clips.

The award ceremony also featured five core value award winner videos.  Prior to the event and unbeknownst to the award winner, their boss scheduled a meeting or call with them to present this surprise award to them while being filmed or recorded. Capturing these surprise presentations on video was priceless!

Nothing will replace an in-person event. But until we can all gather together again, TRG can help you create an amazing virtual experience for your attendees.  Be the hero of your next virtual or live corporate event!