Award Recipients Not There? Make it Special!

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March 14, 2022

While TRG is excited about live meetings coming back, we know that not everyone is comfortable travelling to be onsite.  Your teammates have worked hard all year long and recognizing their achievements shouldn’t be minimized if they are not able to be at the awards ceremony in person.  At our recent live event for our client, NVA Compassion First, several award winners were able to be at the live event, so we made it possible for them to attend virtually.

The hybrid meeting was streaming out to all attendees for the entire event, so the meeting team had to make sure the virtual award recipients were planning on being on the session during the awards ceremony.  The three winners were told that we needed their help “presenting” an award to one of the attendees in the room.   They were identified in the virtual meeting space and when their award was being presented, we asked them to unmute their microphone.   Those of us behind the scenes were able to watch their face when they figured out that the presenter onsite was talking about them! 

Once their name was announced as the winner, TRG took them live into the room so everyone could see them on screen and hear their acceptance speech.  It was a special moment for those in the room as well as the recipients!



Planning an awards ceremony for your hybrid meeting?  TRG can help make it special for both virtual and live attendees.  Be the hero of your next corporate event.